Online Assessment


For prekindergarten level readers:

  1. Answer the first three parent questions.

For kindergarten through sixth grade level readers:

  1. Answer the first three parent questions.
  2. If possible, open the .pdf file titled 'Reading Placement Assessment' on a separate device for your child to use so he/she is not distracted by the results being entered. Alternately, you can both read from this screen as you enter scores.
  3. Find a quiet place to sit with your child to answer the assessment questions.
    1. It may take between 5-15 minutes depending on your starting point and your child’s reading level.
    2. We recommend that you do not use this as a teaching time, and respond “okay” to both correct and incorrect responses in order to minimize the time your child needs to complete the assessment.
    3. Do not help or coach your child with difficult questions as this may lead to an incorrect placement. Generally you should expect your child to answer a question in about 3 seconds in order to select the response as correct. This shows your child has mastered this skill independently.